Richard Hain

LATCH Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Palliative Medicine, Lead Clinician Welsh Managed Clinical Network for Paediatric Palliative Medicine, Cardiff, Wales, UK

"We can tell the world that children are precious.  Some modern ethics tries to claim that children lack value because they are weak and vulnerable, or because they can’t contribute to the financial wealth of society.  Some even believe children suffer less than adults because they are not as rational.  What religion tells us is that children’s value does not rely on those things; that a child is valuable just because she is a child. We can show that paediatric palliative care is every child's right, because it is the only way to act in a child’s best interests once there is no chance of a cure.  Every government therefore has a duty to ensure no child is denied good palliative care just because of where she lives."


I will do all within my power so that every child with a life limiting or a life-threatening illness has access to paediatric palliative care.

Paediatric Palliative Care is the best approach for all children and young people suffering from a life-threatening and/or life-limiting disease.

Collectively, we have the opportunity and awareness to advocate for child-specific palliative care and for its provision as an integral part of the health care system of every country and relieve the suffering of so many more vulnerable children with life-threatening and life-limiting illness.