Omar Leone

Edoardo’s father (deceased from brain tumor)

" 'Dignity of life' means not having to endure the pitiful looks of other people. It means not having to ask ‘please’ or feel guilty for asking for the ‘best’ most appropriate treatment or extra attention, or for disturbing the doctor in the middle of the night. It means being able to go out occasionally for a pizza with friends or to dedicate some time to themselves, to their other children and to their partner. It means not having to beg for the right to be listened to even if they are softly-spoken or overwhelmed with grief."


I will do all within my power so that every child with a life limiting or a life-threatening illness has access to paediatric palliative care.

Paediatric Palliative Care is the best approach for all children and young people suffering from a life-threatening and/or life-limiting disease.

Collectively, we have the opportunity and awareness to advocate for child-specific palliative care and for its provision as an integral part of the health care system of every country and relieve the suffering of so many more vulnerable children with life-threatening and life-limiting illness.