Antonella Zamboni

Matteo's mother (affected by Ondine Syndrome)

"It is necessary that faith-based organizations and religions are sensitive to the issue of children palliative care, not only in act of passing "judgment" but by understanding and recognizing the suffering, difficulties and exhaustion of these children and families. It is essential that the leaders of the religious communities are trained and prepared not only religiously but also humanely to cope competently with these situations so that they themselves can be a true source of help and a positive presence for families who are facing the loss a child, a relative or loved one."


I will do all within my power so that every child with a life limiting or a life-threatening illness has access to paediatric palliative care.

Paediatric Palliative Care is the best approach for all children and young people suffering from a life-threatening and/or life-limiting disease.

Collectively, we have the opportunity and awareness to advocate for child-specific palliative care and for its provision as an integral part of the health care system of every country and relieve the suffering of so many more vulnerable children with life-threatening and life-limiting illness.